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An innovative and easy to use range of chemicals specifically designed for hot tubs.

Your hot tub will provide you with your own personal haven of relaxation and therapy, providing you with a refuge away from the stresses and strains of everyday life. Our comprehensive AquaSPArkle range of water treatment products will keep your hot tub water healthy, clean and inviting to use. The range incudes:

A selection of one-treatment sachets that provide the following:

  • Enhances bathing experience
  • Bather waste destroyer that also clarifies the hot tub water, helping to achieve sparkling clear water
  • Highly effective filter cleaning solution

Extensive range of customer friendly kits

  • Chlorine and Bromine Starter Kits for the hot tub beginner
  • Premium Spa Care Kit
  • OGentle Starter Kit








Non-Chlorine Treatments

Test Strips