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Health & Safety

Ensuring your safety and well-being is paramount in any industry. That’s why we offer a comprehensive selection of Health & Safety equipment and PPE to safeguard you and comply with industry regulations.

Our range of Health & Safety equipment encompasses everything you need to create a secure and hazard-free working environment. From emergency eyewash stations and first aid kits to spill containment solutions and safety signage, we provide the tools necessary to mitigate risks and respond effectively to any workplace incident.

In addition to general safety equipment, we understand the importance of PPE. Our extensive selection includes a variety of protective gear such as safety goggles, gloves, respirators, and protective clothing. 

All PPE is compliant for the use with standard pool related chemicals.

Health & Safety Kits


Spill Kit




Safety Wellingtons

Hand Wipes

Eye Wash Station

Chemical Safety Signs